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GB-2360769-A: Non-efflorescing cementitious compositions patent, GB-2364893-A: Electric knife with pivoting handle patent, GB-2365139-A: A method of producing a photographic image patent, GB-2367487-A: Tooth cleaner patent, GB-2368892-A: A hydraulic shock absorber with a rebound stopper secured to the piston rod patent, GB-2369381-A: Collapsible fabric structures with coilable supports patent, GB-2373843-A: Refrigerator for a recreational vehicle patent, GB-2375977-A: Manufacturing magneto-rheological or electro-rheological substance impregnated materials patent, GB-2378304-A: Electronic display patent, GB-2381388-A: Balanced quench protection circuit patent, GB-2395208-A: Stair protector assembly patent, GB-2395384-A: A PLL charge pump current mirror with improved current mirror matching by drain voltage equalisation patent, GB-2400916-A: Improved Magnet patent, GB-2404419-A: Latch comprising master cam and slave cam providing actuation of latch from small rotation of master cam patent, GB-2404873-A: Gaming System patent, GB-2405373-A: Paper handle attachment apparatus patent, GB-2411908-A: Illuminated toilet seat patent, GB-2412749-A: Combination spectacles with magnetically attached sunglasses patent, GB-2418767-A: Teaching aid with hidden answer patent, GB-2421769-A: A plain bearing providing a visual indication of wear patent, GB-2422518-A: Method and apparatus for using audio prompts in mobile communication devices patent, GB-2429942-A: Apparatus for lubricating a drill bit during use patent, GB-2431316-A: Restricting Propagation of malicious code through an information technology network patent, GB-2436602-A: Pipe coupling device for connecting a pipe to a gas valve located in a connection box patent, GB-2438577-A: Acoustic sounding system for measuring distances patent, GB-2445436-A: Mobile device which can sense its present situation patent, GB-2450011-A: Sorting installation patent, GB-2453989-A: Thermal Treatment Chamber with External Heat Source patent, GB-2454067-A: Fork-lift truck with a rear-formed battery compartment patent, GB-2455155-A: Ratchet screwdriver patent, GB-2457774-A: Plural axial wind turbines mounted on rotatable radial arms on vertical core patent, GB-2461560-A: Baren or stamp with blade receiving handle patent, GB-2466205-A: A seat cover unit to cover the outside of a vehicle seat structure patent, GB-2467744-A: Comminuting machine patent, GB-2475213-A: Bundled load corner edge protector cutting system patent, GB-2477259-A: Anisotropic parameter determination patent, GB-2480585-A: A tablet composition patent, GB-2485086-A: Display with an optical sensor patent, GB-2485801-A: Easy to assemble box file patent, GB-2486805-A: Measuring and dust extraction device for a power tool patent, GB-2488640-A: Isolation of ions in overloaded RF ion traps patent, GB-2489459-A: A flying car including a jet engine patent, GB-2491330-A: Paper shredder with staple and clip remover patent, GB-2492559-A: Composition for preventing or reducing the risk of developing metabolic syndrome patent, GB-2493933-A: Composite hydrogel patent, GB-2495073-A: Razor handle patent, GB-2498292-A: Low temperture sulfur tolerant tar and sulfur removal with contomitant synthesis gas conditioning patent, GB-2499695-A: Wireless mobile telephony public address system patent, GB-2511512-A: Cooling device & method patent, GB-2511998-A: Backing up firmware during initialization of device patent, GB-2512263-A: Interposer With Compressible Conductors patent, GB-2512862-A: Receiving device with coil of electric line for receiving a magnetic field and for producing electric energy by magnetic induction patent, GB-2512914-A: A fishing pole stand patent, GB-2515324-A: Electrolytic advance oxidation processes to treat wastewater, brackish and saline water without hydrogen evolution patent, GB-2516158-A: Anchor slip and seal locking mechanism patent, GB-2517045-A: Bicycle storage unit patent, GB-2518675-A: A Trailer patent, GB-2519638-A: Growth regulator concentrate and use thereof patent, GB-2519803-A: Improvement in or relating to bras patent, GB-2522708-A: User content analysis patent, GB-2523709-A: Removal of free fatty acids from glyceride oils patent, GB-2526862-A: Betting system patent, GB-2529236-A: Weatherproof structure patent, GB-2530232-A: Toy slot car with protective cover for conductive elements patent, GB-2530850-A: Method and apparatus for providing content protection in a computer system patent, GB-2532227-A: Method of communication between a remote resource and a data processing device patent, GB-2537700-A: Methods and systems for transmitting data through an aggregated connection patent, GB-2538399-A: A capsule, a system for preparing a potable beverage from such a capsule and use of such a capsule in a beverage preparation device patent, GB-2539820-A: Surface fluid extraction and separator system patent, GB-2541378-A: A toothbrush that has bristles made of woven or spun graphene patent, JP-2002105211-A: 凝集性微粒子分散液の製法 patent, JP-2006153654-A: 三次元計測装置および三次元計測方法 patent, JP-2006243478-A: 電気泳動装置とその駆動方法、及び電子機器 patent, JP-2006348553-A: Pulling-in device of sliding door patent, JP-2007055973-A: Methanol-producing device and methanol-producing method patent, JP-2007098234-A: フィルタユニット patent, JP-2007172956-A: 固体高分子形燃料電池用セパレータ材及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2007176348-A: Earthquake-proof derailing prevention system using expanding machine patent, JP-2008171477-A: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, JP-2008529390-A: Pwm入力信号を増幅するための装置 patent, JP-2002363828-A: 貼合型複合繊維およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2006116438-A: 二酸化炭素共存下でのエチルベンゼン脱水素反応用触媒およびこれを用いたスチレンの製造方法 patent, JP-2006158492-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2006322114-A: オフセット印刷用顔料塗工紙 patent, JP-2007183860-A: Clock control circuit patent, JP-2008027185-A: データアクセス監視方法 patent, JP-2008500444-A: 残留油を含む炭化水素原料の熱分解に用いられる蒸気/液体分離装置 patent, JP-2007024894-A: Method and device for inspecting sample patent, CN-101761712-A: Flexible air inlet pipe produced by using high-temperature high-pressure superplastic forming technology patent, CN-101775269-A: Building thermostatic agent and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101793290-A: Combined bearing of radial roller and axially thrust conical roller patent, CN-101803553-A: Bubbler root irrigator comprising threaded labyrinth channels patent, CN-101805478-A: 一种含有乙烯-辛烯共聚物防水产品及其制备方法 patent, CN-101810158-A: 一种果园防鸟害的方法 patent, CN-101825522-A: Self-diagnosis system for wind-induced cumulative fatigue damage of pull lug node substructure of mast structure patent, CN-101827259-A: 一种显示屏防烁伤方法、装置、监视器及系统 patent, CN-101831632-A: Film deposition apparatus patent, CN-101831842-A: Novel fluorine-containing and silicon-containing gluing reinforcing agent and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101831892-A: 水电站岸坡消能结构 patent, CN-101832869-A: Method, device and system for detecting adhesion coefficient patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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